Corn Plantation Partnership Program

With Joni and Susan Agroshop’s mission to make practical and effective use of lands and provide livelihood to the community through farming, their team developed a unique program called, Corn Plantation Partnership Program. This program started at 2012

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The major objectives of this program is to:

  1. Help supply the huge demand of corn in the market
  2. Provide livelihood to local farmers
  3. Benefit from economic potential of idle lands
  4. Provide partnership opportunity to partners or investors

Corn is the second most important crop in the Philippines. About 14 million Filipinos prefer white corn as their main staple and yellow corn accounts for about 50% of livestock mixed feeds. Some 600,000 farm households depend on corn as a major source of livelihood, in addition to transport services, traders, processors and agricultural input suppliers who directly benefit from corn production, processing, marketing and distribution. Without support for small-scale farmers who are also part of the country’s agricultural manpower, they could decline in number. Reports earlier this year suggested that the population of Filipino farmers is aging, and shrinking. Throughout history, land has been the most basic repository of wealth and value through good times and bad. Many investors are now taking an interest in farmland because it offers particularly appealing portfolio diversification characteristics under current market conditions.

The Corn Plantation Partnership Program has the opportunity to help and support the local and small-scale farmers and at the same time provide an additional source of income for investors. It is a small step journey towards a big change.

The partnership tenure is 1 year. Whereas, contract is to be notarized and cannot be terminated without any written consent and should be agreed by both parties. Contract can also be renewed upon agreement of both parties. A certain profit shall be paid to the partner within the given harvest cycle dates. All expenses for the construction, management and operation of the farm lot shall be solely on the account of Joni and Susan Agroshop.

corn plantation
mushroom plantation partnership program

Mushroom Plantation Partnership Program

Joni and Susan Agroshop’s goal is to build 100 mushroom houses gradually in San Pablo City, Laguna and other areas in the Philippines. This program started at 2018.

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The major objectives of this program is to:

  1. Create a profitable investment opportunity other than the Corn Plantation Partnership Program
  2. Produce a huge volume of quality mushrooms worthy to be supplied locally and to be exported to other countries

One major advantage mushroom cultivation has over normal farming was that the seasons are no barrier to the production of mushroom. Unlike normal farming where raining season and dry reason determine productivity, in mushroom production, the seasons do not affect output.


Facts about Oyster Mushrooms:

  • The oyster mushroom is a saprotroph, meaning it feeds on dead and decaying matter (mainly wood).
  • The caps usually range between 5 to 25 cm (2 to 10 inches) and are shaped like a fan or an oyster. The caps are rolled into a convex shape when young and will flatten out and turn up as the mushroom ages. They can be white, yellow, brown, tan, and even pink!
  • They have a unique scent that is often described as sweet like anise or liquorice.
  • The Latin name Pleurotus ostreatus means "sideways oyster", referring to the oysterlike shape of the mushroom.

Corn Silage Subgrownership

This is a contract growing/farming opportunities for those who are interested to become a corn silage supplier of Joni and Susan Agroshop.

Corn silage is a popular forage for ruminant animals because it is high in energy and digestibility and is easily adapted to mechanization from the stand-crop to time of feeding. They are compacted together in silage bags and fermented to provide feed for livestock.

The major objective of this program is to provide a quality livestock feed that will ultimately result in an economical livestock feed that will ultimately result in an economical livestock products.

corn subgrownership program
land conversion

Land Conversion (Organic Mini-Farm and Greenhouse Setup)

With Joni and Susan Agroshop’s vision to convert every vacant land into a farm and every Filipino a farmer, they started to provide services regarding land conversion in 2012. This program focuses mainly on small-scale lands ranging from 100 sqm to 1000 sqm. It is also a small step towards a big change.

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Land Conversion is generally the term used for change in the nature, character and use of the land. Urban gardening is becoming a popular option among city dwellers. A disconnect from nature and from the food production process has a lot of people concerned over their health and quality of life. Nowadays, there are plenty of options for urbanites including mini-farm setup, backyard gardening systems, urban container gardening and greenhouse setup. These options make it easier for individuals and families to reap the benefits of growing your own food.

Over the years, Joni and Susan Agroshop had develop backyards of schools and urban residence in Laguna and neighbouring provinces. For some area that has no land, they opt for urban container gardening setup.


Major benefits of backyard gardening:

  1. Increased awareness about the need for improving our environmental impact
  2. Reduced risk of chemical ingestion found in foods that have been transported to grocery stores
  3. Improved human mental wellbeing as well as productivity levels
  4. Makes efficient use of lands
  5. Can make use of the beneficial resources, for example, compost, which would or else go to waste in city

Dealer for Farm Supplies and Inputs

Joni and Susan Agroshop provides organic soil amendments, organic or inorganic fertilizer or foliar and different varieties of seeds coming from different major suppliers.

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seminars and trainings

Seminars and Trainings

Joni and Susan Agroshop conducts seminars regarding the following:
1) Corn Plantation Investment Opportunities
2) Basic Organic Farming
3) Urban Container Gardening Setup
4) Mushroom Production